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An estimated 6.1 million children out of school in 2014 reduced from 13.46 million in 2006. Out of 100 students, 29 per cent of girls and boys drop out of school before completing the full cycle of elementary education, and often they are the most marginalised children. (Source: SRI-IMRB Surveys, 2009 and 2014)

Around 50 per cent of adolescents do not complete secondary education, while approximately 20 million children not attending pre-school. (Source Rapid Survey of Children 2013-2014 MWCD)

Half of primary school-going children – which constitutes nearly 50 million children – not achieving grade appropriate learning levels. (Source: National Achievement Survey, NCERT 2017).

What We Do

Educated and healthy children are the asset of the nation. But, due to different vulnerable conditions many children are forced to leave schools without completing preliminary education. Through the survey department we work on different socio, political & economic vulnerabilities and implements various projects and schemes in the fields of education in order to provide a sustainable way of learning for the underprivileged.

How We Do?

  • Sensitizing communities on importance of education.

  • Identifying vulnerable out-of-school and helping them continue their education by providing education aids through proper monitoring throughout the year.  

  • Providing educational kits to marginalized children in response to the disasters and pandemics. 

  • Engaging in networking and collaboration with other stakeholders for knowledge exchange and to enhance students’ learning.

  • Creating and strengthening a community-based system for the efficient functioning of school.

  • Working to provide good infrastructure facilities to students, which encourages them to attend school.

  • Providing individual protection support through cash and non-cash assistance.

  • By creating income generation avenues and opportunities for parents living under poverty.

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